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Now as the technology is improving and the future is looking more striking, people are not hesitant to listen to the sweet intonations of the entrepreneurs. They are ready to accept these undertones technological music, which are no doubt the endowments of the entrepreneurs to us. As the world is changing, the industrial giants are accepting the technological evolving schemes and expanding their horizons.

No doubt future is unpredictable, but if we analyze the changes that are happening, we expect more sophisticated and streamlined human and machine interface in the future. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will transfer the industries, which will give way to the automatic transformation of manual operations. We will also expect that the dim lines which are now separating the companies from their people will be removed with the introduction of the advanced and sophisticated interface.

And as a business formation service provider, I would be suggesting the games to the companies who are planning to incorporate, which they intend to win. And, in whichever company you are operating either in e-commerce or digital marketing, you need to change you present to adopt the future.

So let us peek at some of these technological breaches that will change the world, in 2019.


Interactive Artificial Intelligence

All the major companies are now adopting Artificial intelligence to embed customer’s interactive features and make them laced with more features. It will not only for removing the human interface, but also for enhancing and beautifying it. There will be deeper interactivity and customer experience. The best examples are of Google Maps and GPS Insight, which have considerably changed the system of operations of the companies. Businesses are also expecting to have a more customized content delivery and automation process to meet the customers’ expectations.


Live Interactions over Social Media Interactions

Nothing can bring the communities together than in person and live interactions, and the companies are feeling this change. In fact, live video engages more than recorded video. The community events like the B2B forum like Marketing Profs also interact with the customers offering social learning that goes beyond what social media is providing. Tweeting and blogging will not be enough, To build the brand loyalty, you have to develop life interface which is easy yet can bring customers to sit across the table and have a chit-chat with the senior executives or attending life conferences.


Live streaming video gaining momentum

Customers are also now feeling contended with generic marketing, as they want to be more engaged and connected, and video quenches their thirst for interaction. Now leading companies are utilizing live streaming to hook their potential clients. And, when businesses bring real people and in the virtually real team, it increases their capacity to connect with consumers. This gives uniqueness and more appeal. It also increases the ability of businesses to give the face and a soul. A research by Livestream reveals that around 80% of audiences would love to watch the live video rather than read a blog. And companies who bring their products and services live through videos will dominate their industries.


Availing the Blockchain Benefits

The Blockchain emerged in the technological arena, espousing minimum adoption that is rooted in its techno-babble jargon. Majority of the consulting firms like Accenture and Deloitte are adopting the entire blockchain and forming alliances in the space. IBM also created an alliance with Nestle, Costco, and Walmart to increase the efficiency of global food supply chain safety.

The Blockchain technologies will allow more development in the digital transactions that will disrupt conventional business schemes like document authentication and tile searches for more streamlined processes. Leading companies will also develop their skills around this technology to make sure that they are the ones who disrupt the old to emerge themselves in the new world.


Serving Community and not only buyers

Now the earlier notion of selling to only buyers has changed. Now the sellers not only sell but serve these now models of consumers. These are more sophisticated and techno-savvy customers who now know what to buy. Businesses now have to gear themselves for a more socially oriented approach, and establishing trust networks. They should be right on the spot where their prospective buyers are feeding them with what they want. They have to attain social and environmental responsibility. They need to develop a digital but responsive culture which not only benefits shareholders but also all stakeholders. This has to be instilled in their DNA.


Tax Reforms

With the congressional reconciliation process, there will be more tax benefits. The proposals laid will ensure much more savings than before to pass-through entities that deploy capital. In 2017, Congress passes the first tax-reform legislation, since the 1980s. The act is estimated to reduce the federal revenue by up to 1.8 million dollars on a static basis. Though the static budget scores very little information on how tax reform will impact debt levels. In the long run, tax reform would ensure larger economy and higher wages, which will result in adding up more tax revenue.

So we have to make the smart choices with the changing industry trends and reach the customers with more innovative and creative endowments. As the generation Z is now taking over the world, they have but one simple message, they want to have live interactions but do not like corporations. They do not want to know how the cow is milked but how the milk is delivered to them. A catchphrase is a unique connectivity with imperfection attitude. It is the challenge for millennial to meet the expectations of Generation Z.

And now the challenge is for the corporate world and equally for those segments that support them, like the service sector. These service sectors have to apply innovative ideas to make the leading business giants cut through the barriers and adopt innovativeness. They have to learn to buy and sell by reeling through Artificial Intelligence, live interactivities, and accepting the privilege of the Government to benefit the corporate world and the service segment.


Originally posted at FastIncNow on July 12, 2018.