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Staying competitive comes down to many factors, but one that’s often overlooked is the ongoing need to level up your marketing team. You may have hired the right workers for the job, but marketing is evolving too quickly for you to assume that those workers are still equipped to produce the results you want.

Follow these strategies and start leveling up your marketing team!


Conference travel

Buy conference recaps for your team to share instead of sending members of your marketing team to expensive conferences, which can easily top five figures once you add in ticket costs, travel expenses, accommodations, and meals.

These days, there are people who actually attend conferences for the purpose of preparing, and then publishing, recaps that contain all the key takeaways for those who can’t attend.


Coaching and mentorship

Form your own coaching and mentorship program based on your internal skills and expertise rather than paying for spots in pricey mastermind programs. If you have built a team of star players, chances are everyone has something he or she can contribute to a community learning program.


Start by assessing where your team is currently, and where you want it to be. Ask staff members:

  • What do you believe you’re doing well?
  • Where do you believe you’re falling behind?
  • What would you like to learn more about?
  • What do you do better than anyone else in the company?
  • What skills can you teach others?


From there, level up your marketing team by creating small groups. Allow employees to shadow one other. Arrange “lunch and learns,” where exchanges of information can occur.


Training courses

Look for free or at least cheap sources of information. Instead of dropping thousands of dollars on premium training courses, start with books. Most business leaders will tell you that they make reading part of their regular routines. You can get books for free from your local library, or purchase enough copies for your team at a relatively low cost. Read them as a group, then meet to discuss the key takeaways from each of your selections.



Blogs are a great source of free information, though you need to consider your sources carefully. In order to use blog posts to level up your marketing team, make sure that they’re current, applicable and replicable. Avoid outdated information, suggestions that don’t apply to your industry or business model and anything else you can’t recreate on your own.

Leveling up your marketing team is not that pricey as you think. Just learn how to train them right, and maximize their potential will give you and your company a great advantage over your competitors.



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