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A lot of people overwork because they think that it is a stepping stone in reaching success in their businesses. Months of sleepless nights, loads of paperwork, skipping meals just to meet a deadline, and stress thinking what they could do more to make their businesses more profitable. Then you got sick and tired of what you’re doing. And then you started asking yourself, “Is it worth it?”

If you feel burned out and stress at work, here are some tips to recharge your energy and feel alive at work again!

1. Take some time to breathe

   “Breathe in, breathe out”, that’s the common thing we hear when we say yoga. But by simply taking a deep sigh lessens the tension inside you. Take some time to rest and have enough sleep because it is a time for body repair and restoration. If you still have time, you might also consider attending some yoga classes to fully utilize the power of relaxation.


 2. Reward yourself

   You definitely deserve a reward for all your hard work during a stressful schedule. Indulge yourself to something you enjoy like simply going out to watch a movie with friends, dinner with your family, or a little gift or shopping for yourself. Clearing your mind and having a good chat or laugh with good people will release negative energy locked in your body. According to Science, the body releases endorphin when you laugh which is the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Enjoying a couple of hours or days away from work will charge back the energy you loss and refresh your mind to start anew.


3. Look back on where you started

   Reflect about your younger self, on why you are doing and to whom are you doing your job. Take some time to be reminded that you are not alone. There are people who believed and invested in your potential for it will give you energy to pursue what you are fighting for. Back then when you were a kid who just started to build his dream filled with excitement, must do his best to let his dreams come to life.


4 Take charge of your own wellness

   Intake foods that are great for your body. Go out there and find something that pleases your taste buds while giving the nutrients needed to fuel your body to lessen your stress. Sweat out your toxins and exercise as much as you can, and change bad habits that damage your health. Keep yourself fit and it will help you fight stress and disease that may hit your body from time to time.


Once in a while, you have to remind yourself that you’re just a human and not a robot. These tips will surely help your work-life balance and make you succeed in your chosen career.