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Be able to stand out is one of the toughest things to do in a crowded market. You are too busy chasing your dream job and wanting to do your passion project for a living that you forget to make money. How will you go about it?

Follow these steps and make yourself equal to your competitors and then use the chance to make yourself different.


Create a competitive advantage

Deliver what other people do not expect from you. Surprise people by presenting yourself in a different manner from how other businesses perceive and normally behaves.

Catching someone by surprise will allow you to make a bigger impact on those around you who expected something else. Use this surprise in your favor by making it into a competitive advantage.


See separation in action

Customers are expecting more of what they had received in the past from other people in your industry.You should have something unique to offer, which helps you to get noticed.

Challenge others to re-evaluate other people’s perspective on who you are with your unexpected actions. Prove and show them through actions how different you are from the rest.


Differentiation means success

Use a differentiation strategy which seeks to be unique, selecting attributes that others in the industry perceive as important and position yourself to meet those needs.

Before leveraging your advantage, first, make yourself equal to your competitors. Show how you possess the same attributes as your competitors, that you are equally deserving of consideration. It is easier to differentiate yourself using this approach.


Be the same and then be different

You must remember to come into a situation humble and make yourself equal first, then get to work on differentiating yourself. Your competition never quits, and neither should you. Your work on yourself needs to be consistent if you want to maintain your competitive advantage.


Learn how to match well with your competitors then innovate and improve your business. Knowing what makes you different gives you a competitive advantage that cannot be matched.


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